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Best Natural Home Remedies for Constipation

Why You Should Use Home Remedies for Constipation?

If you suspect that you have constipation, by all means do not hesitate, to start treating it with home remedies for constipation. The difficult condition of removing bowels can be remedied if you do something about it as soon as possible. So don’t wait for the full moon to treat constipation. But then again, we are getting ahead of ourselves.          

Best 10 Natural Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Dry weather and feet neglect may cause heels to crack. Cracked heels, medically known as heel fissures, are unsightly and can sometimes be very painful. Cracked heels are more prevalent in women, because of the shoes they wear. Neglecting your feet can result in cracks.

Here we will go over some natural homemade remedies that can improve heels that are cracked, and will also prevent cracks from occurring in the first place.

What Causes Cracked Heels

Here we will discuss the most common causes of cracked heels. The four most common causes of cracked heels are thick callus build up, dry skin, excess pressure to your feet, and fungal infections. Often times a combination of these factors will result in cracking heels.

Callus Build Up :
The biggest factor that can cause cracked heels is the forming of thick calluses on your feet. Over time, from everyday activities calluses will build up, especially on heels. This thick layer of dead skin is helpful in protecting our feet.

If the callus grows to be to too thick though, you can run into problems. Thick layers of dead skin will no longer be elastic like healthy skin. So, instead of heels expanding under pressure, they will crack open.

To prevent this from happening you can exfoliate away the dead skin on your feet. It can be helpful to either use a pumice stone for physical exfoliating, or salicylic acid pads for chemical exfoliating.

Dry Skin :
Once your feet become dried out, you are at risk of developing cracked heels. There are many things that can cause the skin on your feet to dry out. The winter months are notorious for drying out people’s skin, especially in desert locations. Getting a humidifier can help to keep your skin soft and moist during the winter months.

Lack of proper hydration is another cause of cracked heels. Make sure you are always drinking the recommended amount of water each day. Excessive hot baths or showers will remove natural oils from skin that retain moisture. Finally, not taking proper care of your feet by moisturizing them often enough can lead to dryness.

Excess Pressure :
After you have thick calluses and they are faced with harsh dry conditions, a crack is almost inevitable. Eventually, you will put extra pressure or weight on your feet and it will trigger a crack to form. This can be simply from walking, running, lifting something, or standing for too long. These circumstances cause your heel to expand and flatten. Normally, the skin is moist, and elastic enough to handle this pressure.

However, when the skin is dry it is not elastic at all, and instead of expanding your heels will crack open. Maintaining a healthy weight and using shoe inserts can help to reduce the pressure on your feet. Heel cups in your shoes can also prevent heels from expanding and cracking.

Fungal Infections :
Sometimes dry and cracking heels is caused by a foot fungus. Normally these cracks are not deep, but instead are thin white cracks on the surface. Flaking is also common. This is caused by the athlete’s foot fungus. Most people think that athlete’s foot only occurs between the toes, this is incorrect. The infection can spread to almost any other part of your body, including heels.

Fungal growth speeds up in dark and moist conditions. So adding moisturizer will not help your cracked heels in this case. In face, it will make things worse. Instead you should be using an anti-fungal cream.

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

1.) Epsom Salt
Epsom salt is not exactly like normal salt and it has some different medical properties, if you soak your feet in water boiled with Epsom salt you will not only get relief to aching feet but also moisturise your feet enough to get rid of the remaining dead skin.

Following the soak in Epsom salt water you can scrub your feet with a foot scrub or a pumice stone, Epsom salt lets water enter the foot so that the foot is not dehydrated, but remember to do this at night before sleeping or it won’t have time to heal.

2.) Banana and Avocado Paste
Avocado and banana are among the many less known fruits that have an incredible healing property, the fats in avocado are mostly oils that will nourish the skin and keep your feet fresh like a baby.

You can start by mixing the fruits in a bowl (add a few drops of coconut oil if the mixture is too dry according to you. Apply the mixture to your heels at night before sleeping and suspend your feet in the air using a pillow. Do this thrice a week to see effects on your cracked feet.
Avocado and banana
3.) Glycerin and Rosewater
sometimes the best way to stick up a crack is to put the stickiest thing you can find in between it, luckily for us the mixture of glycerine and rose water is not only awesome and sticky but also pretty soothing to the feet.

Note:the mixture works best if refrigerated. Mix the two ingredients in a bowl and apply it to the affected areas, you can cover it up using a sock but remember not to make a mess with it. This not only soothes the leg but also gives the coolest feeling your feet have ever felt.

4.) Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil is a great agent to keep your moisture attached to your feet, start by wetting your feet and applying normal vegetable oil that is available at home to your feet.

Put on a pair of socks and retire for the night, this is a rather long process but it’s one that is not only natural but also quite affordable as you use only a few drops of oil on your feet per day.

5.) Vaseline Lemon Juice
Rinse your feet properly with water and soap in the night, that’s the best opportunity to apply the Vaseline, following this rub a little lime juice a few hours after the Vaseline sets in. Wearing a pair of socks is great to keep the moisture in adds to the effectiveness of this technique.
6.) Olive oil and Oatmeal
olive oil is known for creating smooth and healthy skin, the fats present in the oil is nourishing and you should apply it with a cotton swab to the affected areas, oil may be very slippery so you could cover it with a plastic and wear a sock over it, there are a lot of good properties in the oil to make it.

7.) Beeswax
Beeswax is used for cosmetic purposes for a very long time, beeswax is dryish and available in many creamy forms that when used will not make a mess of your floor if you plan to walk you can apply it directly without much preparation and you will still get best results.

Try putting on socks to keep it undisturbed. Apply it on cracked foot gently, leave it for 10 min and then wash it off.
8.) Honey & Lemon
If you thought honey and lemon were only good for losing weight you were wrong, honey is one of the ingredients used to soften skin and give it a glow and adding lemon or any citrus fruit to the mixture will only help you clean the desired areas better.

Start by stirring the honey in water and soak your feet for 15 minutes. This procedure done for a week might just give you your beautiful feet back.

9.) Rice flour scrub
Use Rice flour to gently remove dead skin from foot

Wet rice flour is rough and a great agent to help exfoliate your skin, you can make a batch to soak your feet in by adding the flour to a tub of water and rubbing your feet to the bed of the tub, add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture to aid the healing process.

10.) Baking Soda & Olive Oil
Using a combination of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and olive oil is a great way to keep your heels free of cracks. Bicarbonate of soda helps to create ideal PH for the feet, and it will also help to exfoliate skin.

 Pour half a cup of baking soda into water, and then soak your feet for about fifteen minutes. Pat them dry and apply olive oil to moisturize. This will give you very soft heels after a few treatments.                   

baking soda

These natural home remedies will ensure that you have clean, soft and beautiful feet. Also drink lots of water to ensure that the whole body is hydrated throughout the day. If cracked heels are infected, or they start bleeding and you are finding it difficult to walk, see a doctor immediately.

Health benefits of using Bitter Melon

Bitter melon as a Vegetable | Bitter melon as a Medicine | Bitter melon excellent for Diabetic Patients | Bitter melon as Skin Toner | Bitter melon as a Conditioner
Health benefits of using Bitter Gourd
Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd or ‘karela’ in Hindi, is a vegetable found commonly in Asian countries. As the name suggests, it is bitter in taste but serves a best remedy for diabetic patients. It burns the fat present in the body thereby helps in weight loss. Few most common health benefits of bitter melon are mentioned below:
  • Bitter melon improves the blood circulation in the body, prevents clotting and helps in healing the wound very quickly. 
  • It is helpful in treating many skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections like ringworm etc.
  • It has anti aging properties and helps to prevent wrinkles.
  • Regular consumption of bitter melon helps to purify blood and thus prevents acnes. It frees the skin from blemishes and keeps it glowing.
  • It is a very good remedy for many heart diseases and diabetes. It lowers the level of blood cholesterol in the body thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.
  • It keeps the liver and bladder healthy thus helping in curing kidney stone.
  • It is rich in fibre therefore it keeps the digestive system healthy and removes the toxins from the body.
  • It contains insulin like chemical which is helpful in reducing the blood sugar level. Bitter melon juice serves a homemade medicine for diabetic patients.
  • Fresh pods of bitter melon serve an excellent remedy for various respiratory disorders such as asthma, cough, cold etc.
  • Mix 3 teaspoons of bitter melon leaves in 1 glass buttermilk and consume this mixture every morning empty stomach. It is a good remedy for piles.
  • It contains an antioxidant named beta carotene which is helpful in improving vision.
  • In case of minor intestine infection, take two teaspoon juice of bitter melon leaves with two teaspoon white onion juice and one teaspoon lime juice regularly.
  • Mix 1 cup of fresh bitter melon juice with yoghurt and apply on your hair. Leave it for some time and then rinse with water. It serves a natural conditioner for your hair.
  • Prepare a hair pack by mixing bitter melon juice and cumin seeds and apply it to the scalp. It serves a good remedy for dandruff.
  • Applying fresh bitter melon juice in hair helps to remove split ends.
  • Mix bitter melon juice with a pinch of sugar and apply it on the hair. It serves a natural remedy for hair loss.
  • Applying bitter melon juice on hair is also helpful in preventing grey hair.
Excessive consumption of bitter melon may lead to mild abdominal pain or diarrhea. Therefore one should not consume more than 2 melons in a day. Also pregnant women should avoid excessive use of bitter melon as it may lead to premature labor.

Bees Nest Removal

Anyone who has suffered through dealing with a good many stinging pests around the home knows the importance of bees’ nest removal. Bees can be a pest and are, obviously, dangerous to those who have severe allergic reactions. Also, if not dealt with, bees will build nests, or colonies, that continue to grow until the situation is out of hand, not to mention expensive to get rid of. The best thing you can do is deal with your bee nest removal, quickly.

There are three main types of bees that may cause problems around your home: bumblebees, honey bees and carpenter bees 
Determining which kind you have will help you decide how to deal with the problem, and whether or not you would rather hire professionals to get the job done. Remember, no matter what type of bee, or pest in general, you are dealing with, if you are not comfortable removing them, rely on a trained professional.

Bumblebees – Bumblebees’ nests are often found in thick patches of overgrown grass or abandoned rodent holes. There are other places you may find this type of nest; these are just the two most common locations. These bees, though, are the least aggressive bees. You are less likely to be stung while removing the nest.

Bumblebees only use the nest built for one season, which is why this is a common type of nest to find inactive. Because bumblebees are crucial to pollination, and do not pose much of a threat, people often prefer to relocate instead of destroy a bumblebees nest.

For relocation, find somewhere to move the nest to, ideally more than two miles away from original location to prevent returning bees. Look for a place that also has some type of overhang or shelter available. Next, find something to transport the nest in. This should be something that is large enough to hold the nest without damage.

Wearing protective clothing from head to toe, including gloves and goggles, wait until evening to attempt the removal and relocation. Place nest in the transport vessel as gently as possible, and keep it in an upright position at all times. The next step is to move the nest, and carefully leave the nest in its new spot. Of course, if you are hesitant about any part of this process, it would be a good time to call on the aid of a professional pest removal service.
Honeybees – For this type of bees’ nest removal, you will more than likely need to hire a professional service to get the job done. Honeybees, if building a nest or colony in your home, will usually end up lodged in the walls or in the attic of your home. You can also consider contacting honeybee keepers for advice or removal attempts. Either way, once inside your walls or attic, this is not a task you want to take on yourself.

People have attempted to spray, fog or bomb the area of their home where honeybees are, but this is rarely successful. You can end up with survivors who may rebuild or become an aggressive pest. You may also end up with a large number of decaying bees that can lead to all sorts of other problems within the walls or attic of your home.

Carpenter Bees – Carpenter bees can be problematic in that, aside from inflicting injury, these insects bore holes into the wood of your home. The most common way people deal with carpenter bees, when dealing with them on their own, is to first locate the holes the bees are coming in and out of. You can then use an aerosol spray, powder or dust or, as some prefer just steel wool or putty and fill the hole or holes. After that, you seal the holes with caulk. If you simply seal the hole without one of the aforementioned products, you run the risk of the bees surviving and simply boring their way back out.

A Final Word
Bees of any kind can be very tricky to remove or relocate. If you have any hesitancy, or suspect the problem is beyond your capabilities, you should rely on professional services. There are plenty of reputable national and local companies that can help with your bees’ nest removal.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Skin

The simplest skin care techniques are often the most efficient ones. Heavy creams clog pores and invite acne. They can irritate sensitive skin, too. This article will give you tips that will help you take proper care of your skin.

Spending time outdoors in the sun can actually improve your skin and get rid of your acne. Make it a regular part of each day to spend some time taking walks or playing at the park with the kids. Sunshine naturally promotes vitamin D synthesis, which contributes to clearer, healthier skin.
Make sure your moisturizers are unscented and hypoallergenic to avoid any harmful ingredients. One ingredient to avoid is alcohol. Read the labels very carefully when you are shopping for this type of product. If you happen to see alcohol or perfumes on the list, put it back on the shelf.

A honey mask is an easy to use product to improve your skin. Honey helps combat redness, and will result in vibrant and glowing skin. Such masks boost your general appearance, and weekly use can lessen your blemishes as well.

Always avoid putting wet clothing on your hands and feet, like wet gloves. Wet garments on your feet and hands can cause skin irritation, itching and cracking.

Do not use tanning booths. While many individuals use tanning beds as a way to look younger by staying tan, this actually results in skin on the other end of the spectrum. Tanning will damage the skin and cause it age prematurely. A self-tanner will give you the same end result without the damage.

Drinking adequate water daily is important to healthy skin. Beauty starts inside, and being hydrated is important for the health of your skin as well as your skin’s appearance. Proper hydration is healthy for your skin and other body organs.

Your skin is an important part of your body. Skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin is a great indicator for the health of your body. As long as your other organs are in good health, so will your skin be.

Visit your doctor or see a dermatologist if you notice drastic changes in your skin. If you are already being treated for a skin condition and it has gotten worse or not improved, you should also schedule an appointment. Not seeking professional help can aggravate important skin issues and cause more damage.

Washing your hands can cause them to dry out, whether or not you use soap. Always apply lotion to your hands to keep them from drying out. This will help keep your hands soft and smooth. Keeping a smaller sized lotion on hand will help you when you have to wash your hands in public.

A great skin care tip is to always make sure you get enough sleep. When you do not get enough rest, you may be more prone to developing fine lines beneath your tired eyes. Aim for eight hours a night to keep stress low and skin looking its best.

If you need to use skin care products, use them on a consistent basis. When used on a regular basis, the products have the greatest effect. Keep your products in a visible place so you don’t forget to use them. If you use products before you go to bed, you may find it useful to keep the products near your bed on the nightstand.

Keep your stress at a low level. Whenever you are under a lot of stress, you body increases its levels of cortisol, adrenaline and DHEA. Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol can increase the effects of conditions of the skin like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Your skin also serves as an indicator of your physical and mental health, so avoid stress to keep your skin looking good.

The first step to caring for your skin is being gentle. Since hot water removes natural, healthy oil from the skin, reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower and use warm water to take baths. Your skin is delicate, so don’t be too rough with that towel. Instead, use a pat-dry technique so that you retain a small amount of moisture on your skin.

Skin nourishment starts from within. Many people think that greasy foods or chocolate will cause pimples, but this is a misconception. Despite this fact, you must eat well to take care of your skin. Try to eat lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. All of these foods contain the proper nutrients to help you have healthy skin free of acne breakouts.

You probably realize now that a truly productive plan for your skin will usually be the simplest one. Use the tips here to gauge how much, or how little, you need to intervene in Mother Nature’s process. You’ll feel better about yourself when you have healthier skin.

Best Natural Face Masks for Skin

Even though there are different varieties of beauty products competing to be the number one in the market, most of the people go for natural and organic products. It is generally considered to be safe for the skin as they consist of exotic natural ingredients.

Nowadays a number of natural face masks have been developed. They have numerous benefits. First of all, they will eliminate dead skin and gives you a bright complexion. It will help to eliminate the dead skin cells, which can clog pores and result in blemishes. Another benefit of using natural face mask is that it will help to get rid of all the impurities present that are present deep within the pores of your skin.

These impurities can cause blackheads and other blemishes to occur. It is recommended that you should cleanse your skin every week with these natural masks. Another advantage of using natural masks is that it will improve the texture of the skin and also increases circulation. The special ingredients present in this will help to draw blood to the skin’s surface and makes your skin stay healthier. They help to polish the skin and tighten up pores, giving it a beautiful texture.                                                            
Natural face masks
Some masks can be purchased from the market whereas some can be even made at home. There are different types of natural face masks, some of them are given below:

1) Chocolate Face Masks

Chocolate is great for your skin, leaving it smooth and well nourished. Cocoa is a strong anti oxidant and it helps in reversing the effects of aging and the overall tightening of the skin.You will really love the rejuvenating effect that a chocolate face mask leave on your skin.

Cocoa powder present in chocolate will protect your skin from free radicals. There is a misconception that chocolate causes acne, actually there is no scientific proof for it. Actually, dermatologists say that what causes acne in people who consume chocolate is milk that is added to it, not the chocolate itself.
How to prepare a chocolate face mask?
If you are planning to make a chocolate mask then you need to mix all the ingredients based on your skin type. If you have dry skin take cocoa powder, honey, oatmeal and cream. For people with oily skin, cocoa powder, honey, besan and curd is good. Mix all the ingredients using a blender till it forms a thick, brown homogeneous batter.

You can wait for about 5 minutes. Tie your hair with a hairband so that it won’t falls off your forehead. Apply this mask evenly over your face everywhere except your eyes, lips and nostrils. Allow it to dry for fifty to twenty minutes.

Wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it with a soft towel.

If you are planning to go for a party then you can apply this mask to get a fresh look for your skin. Everyone will really appreciate the beautiful glow that it leaves on your skin.

2) Yogurt Face Masks

Yogurt contains lactic acid which is a natural non-irritating exfoliant that removes all the dead and damaged cells on the outer surface of your skin and gives it a rejuvenated look. It will also give a long lasting glow. It will even reduce your acne scars and blemishes, make it baby soft always. A great feature of yogurt is it’s versatility, you can add it with almost all ingredients depending on the skin problem.                                                              
Here are a few examples of yogurt face masks that you can prepare by yourself given below:

Yogurt and Oatmeal Rejuvenating Face Mask
1 tbsp oatmeal, finely ground
1 tbsp organic yogurt
A few drops of honey

Mix yogurt and oatmeal in a bow. You can add few drops of warm honey to it. For doing this you can warm a spoon in hot water for a minute and add few drops of honey to it. Add the honey to the yogurt and oat meal mixture and stir well. You can apply this mask to your face and rinse it off with warm water after ten minutes. You can also use a warm cloth to wipe your face. This face mask will give a rejuvenated look for your skin.

Purifying Yogurt Face Mask for Oily Skin
Add two drops lemon juice into four tablespoons of yogurt. Mix it well and apply it to your face. Rinse it off after 30 minutes with warm water. Apply toner and moisturizer on your face.

Anti-Blemish Yogurt Facial Mask for Acne Skin
You can mix two tablespoons fresh milk and honey to fresh juice of one lemon and one tablespoon of fresh yogurt and lukewarm water. Mix all ingredients well. Apply a layer of this mixture to your face and neck. Allow it to dry and then repeat the process. You can leave this face mask for ten minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Use a toner and moisturizer afterwards.

3) Egg White Face Masks

Egg whites are really great for tightening your pores and give your face a temporary lift. It works great for treating acne, blackheads, and other skin ailments. Egg white face masks are a great way by which you can give a rejuvenation for your face. Though it’s little bit expensive, it is still is very cheap and easily available ingredient right in your home.
Here are a few examples of egg white face masks recipe given below:

You can break one egg and separate the yolk from the white. You can take a makeup brush or use your hands to spread it evenly to your face . Allow this to dry for about fifteen minutes and rinse it off with warm water afterwards. You can use a moisturizing lotion that contains sunscreen with it.

You can mix one tablespoon of honey with egg white and add a drop of orange essential oil to it. Apply this on your face and leave it for 15 minutes, wash off with warm water afterwards.

You can beat an egg white and make it foamy. Add a tablespoon of crushed oatmeal to it and make it a paste. Add a tablespoon of honey and a drop of essential oil. Apply it to your face and allow it to dry. Rinse it off with water.

You can mix egg white with some papaya paste and apply it to your face. If you have dry skin, then don’t use it.

Take two egg whites and keep it in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this paste to your face and leave it for some minutes. Rinse with warm water and wipe with a warm washcloth afterwards.

4) Cucumber Face Mask 

Cucumber is commonly used to reduce swelling and puffiness. Aside from reducing nasty eye bags, cucumbers can also do wonders in rehydrating your skin and reducing redness from irritation. It's one of the best face masks for dry skin! I really like putting olive oil in my skin, it moisturizes my skin but it doesn't make me feel greasy like a freshly cooked fried chicken.
Cucumber face mask with olive oil

3 ounces finely sliced cucumber
3 teaspoons olive oil
2 teaspoons yogurt (optional)

Mix all the ingredients until it turns into a paste. Put the cucumber face mask on your face and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. I guarantee that this magical cucumber face mask will leave your skin soft, clean and pampered.

Cucumber Face Mask with Oatmeal

1 small cucumber, chopped
1 cup raw oatmeal
1 teaspoon yogurt (optional)

Mix the cucumber and the oatmeal until it becomes a paste. Mix one tablespoon of this mixture with one teaspoon of yogurt. Apply this cucumber face mask to your face and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

5) Banana Face Masks

Banana is very good source of Vitamins B6 and C, manganese, fiber and potassium with low fat, cholesterol and sodium free. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, Banana is safe and pure for baby’s first solid food. It smooth skin and nourishes sun burns. It act as an ant aging solution for skin.

  • 2 ripped bananas.
1) Cut the ripped bananas into pieces and crush it,
2) Mesh the paste until it is smooth.
3) Apply a thin layer on the surface of your skin.
4) Leave and relax for 5 minutes.
5) Rinse it with warm water and pat dry.
6) Your skin will become soft and smooth.

6) Avocado Face Masks

The avocado is a tree native to Central Mexico, classified in the flowering plant family Lauraceous along with cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. Avocado or alligator pear also refers to the fruit of the tree.
Avocado contains Fiber, Potassium (more than twice the amount found in a banana), Vitamin E, B-vitamins, Folic acid and super natural elements for our skin care.

  • 1 ripped avocado.

1) Cut avocado into pieces and mash it till it becomes smooth paste.
2) Apply a thick layer of this paste on skin surface.
3) Relax and wait for 10 minutes.
4) While waiting you can put two pieces of cucumber on your eyes.
5) Rinse it with lukewarm water and then with cold water.

7) Tomato Face Masks

Tomato is very easily available in all kitchen and has been an important part of diet for centuries. This works greatly as antioxidants and reduce skin aging. Vitamin A and vitamin C are commonly found in a lot of acne medicines and tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.

  • Two tomatoes
  • 1 lemon

1) Cut tomatoes into small pieces and use juice maker to get fine juice out of it.
2) Take 2 table spoon of fresh tomato juice.
3) Add two to four drops of fresh lime juice to this.
4) Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture on your face.
5) Massage it in circular motions.
6) Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash off with cool water.
7) Regular application will help in shrinking pores greatly.
8) If you have mild acne, cut a tomato in half and apply the inside on your face.
9) For severe acne mash a fresh tomato and use the pulp as a pack on the face.
10) Leave it on for an hour. Rinse it off and moisturize.
11) Do this on a regular basis or as many times as you can. Your acne is bound to dry off soon.

8) Lemon Juice Face Masks

Lemon a citric fruit and a rich in vitamin C and E. Super healing power for dark sheds/marks on skin and provides nourishment for damaged tissues.

  • 2 tablespoons of natural lemon water.
  • 2 Eggs.

1) Take 2 eggs and take out the egg white in a bowl.
2) Add 2 tablespoon of natural lemon water to it.
3) Mix the mixture well.
4) Apply a thin layer of the mixture on your skin.
5) Keep it to dry. You will feel the hardness of this layer on your skin.
6) Keep it for overnight.
7) Rinse it next morning with lukewarm water.

9) Honey Face Masks

According to Wikipedia, Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees is the one most commonly referred to, as it is the type of honey collected by beekeepers and consumed by humans.

And believe me it’s more than just a sweetener. A small drop of honey includes lots of health benefit including care for our lovely skin. It Energies the body, boost immunity, fight bacteria, promote healing of cuts and burns, remedy sore throats etc.

So let’s take the part of honey which is going to nourish our skin. This homemade face mask is the simplest of all but a bit sticky. Sticky!!! Yeah, you read it correctly.

  • 2 tablespoon of natural honey.

1) First of all before applying any face mask, make sure you have washed and clean you face with room temperature water.
2) Take out 2 tablespoon of honey in a bowl.
3) Apply gently a thick layer of honey on your skin. You can use your 2 fingers while applying or use spatula.
4) Keep it for 5 minutes.
5) Wash carefully and gently with little warm water and then with cold water.
6) If it’s still sticky, use towel smoothly to remove sticky content.

10) Aloe Vera Face Mask

Aloe Vera has been used for many centuries as a remedy for things like burns, rashes, and myriad of skin conditions . It works well in natural face masks as it is soothing, moisturizing, and makes your complexion clear, moisturized, and balances facial oils. Aloe Vera works well for people with all skin types, even oily. This ingredient does not irritate skin that is acne-prone or skin with active acne on it.

11) Almond Oil face mask

Almond oil is another ingredient often found in natural face masks. This is also an oil that works best for combination and dry skin. Chock full of vitamins B and E, almond oil can help clarify the skin and reduce the look and severity of fine lines. Face masks that contain almond oil is perfect for skin that is dry and flaky, even if you use the mask once or twice a week.

12) Grapeseed Oil Face Mask

Grapeseed oil is beneficial for all skin types but for dry skin in particular. The main benefit is that it contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals. Pollution and just the environment in general contains free radicals. They are absolutely aging to the skin. Grapeseed oil also acts like the sebum that the skin naturally secretes. As dry skin does not secrete as much sebum, grapeseed oil in natural face masks will help moisturize the skin.

Best 7 Natural Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are quite a common thing to appear and some of the important reasons for this appearance of scars on the skin are due to pregnancy, performing exercise on body building, puberty and obesity. These stretch marks further develop due to overstretching of your skin. Once they appear on the body and develop further, it is not almost possible to remove them permanently. However, it is essential to know how to remove stretch marks as soon as you spot them on your skin.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Sea buckthorn oil has many important beneficial properties for human health.

It has variety of potential uses and as such it should have its place in your household apothecary. 

17 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Super-Healthy Avocados

Avocado is an amazing super-healthy food. No wonder the Mayan Indians say, “where avocados grow, hunger and malnutrition have no friends.” The health benefits of avocados are unbelievable. Avocado has such healing power that takes care of the heart, eyes, skin, weight, cholesterol level, blood pressure, inflammation, immunity and aging; the list is almost endless. All you need to do is simply click this link to discover complete 17 amazing health benefits of avocados you are missing.
Do you know that avocado is one of the healthiest foods on the planet? Avocados contain extra amount of 25 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, iron, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium.

Amazing avocados have fibre, protein, and so many other beneficial plant chemicals such as beta-sitosterol, glutathione and lutein which are very crucial in protection against so many diseases.

Health benefits of eating avocados include the following: 

1. Regulates blood pressure
Potassium is one of the essential nutrient elements that help your body regulate blood pressure. With high content of potassium in avocado, this great fruits becomes a perfect choice for anyone who wants to naturally regulate his blood pressure. If you have not included this amazing fruit in your diet, you are really missing.

2. Guards against inflammation
Avocado is a good source of flavonoids and polyphenols which guards your body against inflammation. This fine fruit combines vitamin C and E, carotenoids, selenium, zinc, phytosterols and omega-3 fatty acids to disarm degenerative disorders in your body parts. By doing this, avocado alleviates pains arising from osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Supports healthy eyes
Avocados are very rich in carotenoid, lutein, beta-carotenoid and alpha carotenoid plus other minute varieties of phyto-nutrients which protect your body against cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration.

Any moment you eat avocados, you release into your body high quantity of vitamin A which keeps your eyes in a perfect state of health. Avocado can boost your immune system thereby improve the health of your eyes.

4. Boosts your Immunity and keeps you ever young with anti-aging elements 
Do you want to look like a sweet 16? I know this is what majority of us would gladly accept if we have the opportunity. Many people who realize this potency in avocado has come to include this great fruit in their healthy menu.

Since avocado is a rich source of antioxidant, it has the benefit of preventing aging symptoms in humans. Your immune system is also fired by the glutathione in this fruit thereby slowing aging process and enhancing the functioning of your nervous system.

5. Vegetarian protein companion 
With readily absorbed 18 essential amino acids, Avocados are some of the super-healthy foods for perfect formation of proteins necessary for a nourished body. If you are trying to cut your animal protein, this great fruit is your protein substitute. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, avocado is an awesome nutritional helper you need in your main diet.

6. Reduces Cholesterol levels
If you are so much in need of lowering your cholesterol level, Avocados should be your companion. They are very rich source of compound known as beta-sitosterol which is very effective in lowering cholesterol level in the body.

A study finds that patients with mild hypercholesterolemia who included avocado in their diets for seven days achieved 17% reduction in total blood cholesterol levels; a 22% reduction in both LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels.

Avocado is found to boost HDL (good cholesterol) levels which protect the body against the damage caused by free radicals. The HDL regulates triglyceride levels thereby preventing diabetes. According to a study by Canadian Medical Association Journal, a vegetarian diet which includes HDL fats boosts reduction of LDL.

7. Avocado cures bad breath
If you have bad breath, now is the time to handle this disgraceful health challenge. What would it cost you? Simply include avocado in your meal. And not just adding it to your menu, you need to consume it often.

Avocado is naturally a good mouth wash and bad breath remedies. It cleanses your intestine which is the basis for bad breath and coated tongue.

8. Boosts nutrient absorption 
Do you want to boost your nutrient absorption? Here is avocado, your easy digestion and quick nutrient absorption helper. A finding shows that when participants consume salad with avocados, they absorbed five times the amount of carotenoids than those who were not given the avocado. Carotenoid is a group of nutrients that includes beta carotene and lycopene.

9. Boosts healthy heart
Are you aware that a high level of homocysteine is linked to high risk of heart disease? Avocado is very rich in folic acid and B6 which helps to regulate homocysteine in the body. Another important fact to know about avocado is that it contains vitamin E, glutathione, mono-saturated fat which are necessary for maintaining a healthy heart.

Do you know that the controversial fat from this healthy fruit is one of the essential fats for a healthy heart? And part of this content is the oleic acid which is proven to boosts cardiovascular health.

Stop buying supplements in order to boost your omega-3 content for a healthy heart. You can gain more in avocado in the healthiest way possible to reduce risk of heart disease and boost health of your heart.

10. Nutrient-dense avocado—the part that matters
There are better ways to enjoy healthy foods to get the best out of it. This same is true of avocado. If you want to get the most nutritional value from avocados, avoid overripe ones. How? Look out for and avoid those marked with dent on the skin and those that feel a little soft.

The best alternative is to buy avocados that are hard and leave them at home to get ripe. Which part of avocado should you focus your attention on? Watch out for the part closest to the skin---this is the densest in nutrient contents. So, ensure that you scrape the skin before discarding it.

11. Perfect skin care 
Have you noticed that avocado oil is gaining serious popularity as a remarkable ingredient in the cosmetics industry? Avocado oil has the capacity to nourish your skin and keep it aglow.

In fact, Avocados help in the treatment of psoriasis, which is a skin disease that causes redness and irritation. This great healthy ingredient offers you a great option to nourish your skin and keep it glowing like the skin of a baby.

12. Weight gainer’s perfect helper 
You may be wondering why Avocado is considered the weight gainer’s perfect companion. Here is why? This wonderful fruit is loaded with lots of calories. Fruits generally contain between 60 to 80 calories per 100 grams.

Avocado stands out with 200 calories per 100 grams. This great calorific difference makes avocado the best choice for anyone who desires to gain weight. Another good thing about this fruit is that it lacks excess saturated fat and sugar which is common in other fruits. So if you want to add more flesh to that skinny shape, simply begin to consume more avocados.

13. Controls blood sugar levels 
Avocado has very good fat that helps your body reverse insulin resistance. This monounsaturated fat is the power behind blood sugar reduction. It will amaze you to know that Avocado also contains soluble fiber that helps to normalise blood sugar levels.

14. Checks birth defects 
Nutritional facts have it that Avocado is rich in folate, B vitamin popularly referred to as folic acid. Very high folate amount in avocado is crucial in checking birth defects such as spina bifida as well as tube defect among children. One cup of avocado is confirmed to offer close to 23% of the suggested daily value for folate.

15. Minimises risk of stroke 
Do you know that the folate compound found in the avocado is recognised with its capacity to reduce risk of stroke? A study shows that people who eat diets and foods that are rich in folate have a reduced risk of stroke than those who rely less on avocado. This is one of the reasons you need to add this great fruit in your healthy menu.

16. Protects against cancer 
There are several pieces of evidence showing the potency of avocado as a super-healthy food that can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. The healthy component of this fruit responsible for inhibition of breast cancer growth is oleic acid.

17. Guards the body against free radicals 
Do you wish to guard your body against free radicals? Include avocados in your healthy menu to protect your body. Why? Avocado contains very potent antioxidant known as glutathione which is so powerful that it can keep your body free from uninhibited radicals that are capable of causing you certain diseases.

The above list of natural home remedies arising from consumption of avocado is just amazing. What are you waiting for? In your next visit to your grocery, purchase a basketful of avocados. This will avail you the opportunity benefiting the health benefits of avocado listed above.

Here is the end of the tips we have for now. Have you come across any health benefits we have not included here? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

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Best Detox Water Recipes For Effective Body Cleansing

If your liver starts to malfunction, your entire body system will eventually suffer. And you know the danger in that. This is why you need to take good care of your liver with nothing but simple, quick and easy-to-prepare detox water recipes. Drinking enough quantity of water will help to flush out toxins from your body. For functional internal organs, you need proper and occasional detoxifying of your body                       

What do you need to achieve this healthy and functional liver? Click this link to discover top 13 detox water recipes plus 5 best detox waters for a healthy body and proper flushing of your liver.

One important fact to keep at your finger tips is that you need to choose the ingredients carefully according to your need since each of the ingredients provide somewhat different benefit.

1. Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water—Sassy Water

Cucumber is mostly water. It is a very good hydrating vegetable and for this reason, most detox programs include it. Adding cucumber to water helps to extract minerals and enable you to get the extra benefit. Mix this in lemon juice and you will get a great cleansing effect of citric acid which will facilitate the cleansing of your digestive system. The mint brings out the crisp and fresh taste and makes a great drink with lemon and cucumber while at the same time offering you the best nutrients and benefits.

2. Jillian Michaels Detox Water—dandelion, cranberry and lemon juice benefits combined

Are you familiar with episode of the Biggest Loser? You probably will be familiar with Jillian Michaels. Or you may have come across her diet books and workout programs which she promotes and in this way has endorsed a particular detox water recipe which uses lemon juice, cranberry juice as well as dandelion tea all mixed together with lots of water.

There is nothing greater than the detoxifying potency of combining dandelion, cranberry and lemon juice benefits in a glass of water. The end result has both detoxifying and weight loss capacity. Why is this? Returning back to our clean and natural ingredients has both detoxifying and weight losing effect.

3. Strawberry Detox Water

Are you familiar with the taste of strawberries and its flavour. It will surely make a glass of detox water taste awesome while at the same time providing antioxidants, minerals and vitamins for proper detoxification and body nourishment.

The strawberry detox water comprises watermelon and rosemary. Rosemary is reputed for having protein, dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, D, B-6 and B; it also has potassium, sodium. In fact, find out more Wikipedia.

Strawberry detox water recipe is no doubt a perfect detox recipe in the summer. The natural taste of watermelon and strawberry is great and will make the detoxifying effort both enjoyable and satisfying.

4. Simple Detox Water

This recipe is simply healthy. This should be your daily detox plan for effective body cleansing and liver detoxification. Take the juice from half a lemon and squeeze it into the water you’ll drink when you first wake up.

This should be a time you are dehydrated such that you will get rehydrated with this recipe. It is very rewarding. The lemon prepares your digestive system for cleansing and ready to do its work.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water—ACVDW

Apple Cider Vinegar offers a very important detox help. You can boost detoxification of your body by having a bottle of ACV within reach. You can add life, detoxifying potency and health to your glass of water with some Apple Cider Vinegar.

It’s true that you can add cucumbers, mint and even lemons, but you will be missing out the taste and the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar which include anti-microbial, anti-bacteria, cancer-preventing, blood sugar level reduction, heart-healthy and weight loss aid.

6. Cayenne and Lemon Pepper Detox—Master Cleanse

Some of my friends call this the “bus stop of master cleanse”. This is the point where you quit regular foods to depend on mixture of cayenne pepper, lemon and maple syrup. This will presumably fire your system into detox mode while your stopping food helps to boost cleansing and at the same time help to give your digestive system a relief.

But if you need to go for this master cleanse, you need to check out the guide so as to get everything right at

7. Weight Loss Detox Water—Fat Flush Water

Do you want to lose weight? Here is the simple, easy and healthy way to go. This great detox water recipe is geared towards helping you incorporate some of the healthy fruits you may not ordinarily eat into a glass of water for sound health and effective weight loss.

The major ingredient here is grape fruit. Grapefruit as one of the wonderful weight loss foods is a great detox foods that will help you lose weight quickly and without hassle. You can use tangerines for more citrus and sweetness and will add cucumbers to boost health benefits with extra minerals.

8. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

This is known as the Zero Calorie detox water. The reason is simple. It has almost zero calories. Of course, you will get calories from apple but they are quite insignificant. The health benefits of cinnamon lie in stimulating your internal organs for proper cleansing while the apple offers you sufficient minerals and vitamins.

Trust me this is far better than just taking a glass of water especially with the health gains your body desires for proper functioning.

9. Cucumber crush detox water  

Cucumber crush is another variant of cucumber detox water recipes. Cucumber is rich in vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin K. And will serve as a great detoxifying ingredient that prevents water retention as well as offer its anti-inflammatory health benefits.

With a spring of min, 2 overripe kiwis, ½ lime and ¼ cucumber, you are on your way to preparing a remarkable detox water. Give it a try. It makes your water refreshing and juicy.

10. Strawberry Kiwi detox water

Are you aware that kiwi is one of the great healthy foods for effective body detox? Here is your perfect summer drink with light sweetness—combining kiwi and strawberry. Kiwi is loaded with vitamins A and E which are necessary to prevent free radicals and certain types of cancer. Kiwi serves the great purpose of flushing out toxins from the colon thereby boosting your overall health.

With 2 kiwis and 2 strawberries, you are loading your glass of water with cancer-preventing properties as well as the health benefits of strawberries which include fighting against carcinogens. Strawberries also contain anti-aging properties such as biotin and antioxidant ellagic acid that prevents skin sagging.

11. Watermelon Mint Detox water

In this recipe, you combine the health benefits of mint leaves and watermelon. Watermelon is very rich in citrulline which is an amino acid that boosts liver function by filtering and removing ammonia that damages the cells of the body.

With slices of these great ingredients—1/2 cup cubed watermelon and 3 mint leaves, you are not only adding health benefits of watermelon, you are boosting your digestion and removing stomach cramps with mint leaves.

12. Lemon mint detox water

Here is a simple variant of Lemon detox water. Detox benefits abound. This is a perfect choice if you have inadequate supply of ginger in your kitchen or home garden.

With ½ lemon, 2 mint leaves and 2 slices of cucumber, you are there. Go ahead and get this done to completely detoxify your entire system.

13. Berry Blast

Berry blast is another great detox water option. With a handful of blackberries and a handful of raspberries, you are loading your detox glass with awesome health benefits.

Raspberry for instance is loaded with anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that prevent anti-aging and ant-cancer. With sparkling water filled with these detox ingredients; you have a cupful of beautiful taste.

I hope you find this post helpful? 
Share with us what you think in the comment box. Do you have a list that’s not covered here?

Let us know.

Top 6 Detox Foods For Effective Body Cleansing

Have you taken time to avail yourself of detox foods and relish the benefits from its healing power? There are many satisfying foods with powerful cleansing properties that will cleanse your body and improve your energy levels. You will be pleased with lots of health benefits when you work out a few nutritional powerhouses into your normal diet rather than starving your body with risky detox regimens. Discover our top detox foods for effective body cleansing.
Top detox foods

1. Lemon
Apart from the allergy lemon causes some people, it is a super-detox food with awesome cleansing power. The health benefits of lemon are almost countless. The fruit is loaded with vitamin C. It can effectively restore body’s acid-alkali balance thus enabling your body to support healthy bacteria while removing environmental and dietary toxins in the body.

Lemon helps production of white blood cells and antibodies that fight infection. It’s an antioxidant that deactivates free radicals thus preventing cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancers. It also lowers blood pressure and increase healthy high-density lipoprotein.

Among the health benefits of lemon include its anti-carcinogenic property—it lowers rate of colon, prostate and chest cancer; it makes the skin glow, clears digestive system and purify the liver. It relieves asthma, headache, gingivitis, stomatitis and inflammation of the tongue.

Remember also that lemon cures and prevents spread of acne and prevents cold. It is used for treatment of urinary tract infection and gonorrhoea. It lowers cholesterol levels and weight, prevents dehydration and shock in case of diarrhoea. Make lemon a favorite part of your daily meal to prevent certain common ailments.

2. Acai Berries
You might be tempted to look at dark blue Acai Berries as a tiny fruit, but it’s one of the most potent forms of antioxidant and powerful metabolism boosters with very high Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity (ORAC) score, protecting your body against free radicals. Health benefits of Acai Berries—containing polyphenolic anthocyanin compounds are remarkable. They are rich in vitamin B, electrolytes and trace elements essential for reducing inflammation and enhancing energy levels.

Findings have shown that Acai Berries have remarkable anti-cancer properties. They help proper function of the immune system by increasing its strength to attack opportunistic microbes.

3. Goji Berries
Goji Berries are packs of iron, vitamins and beta carotene closely associated with fighting heart disease and cancer. The health benefits of this great antioxidant boost are something you need to pay attention to. They have been used across the world medicinally and as ingredients. They are loaded with vitamin C, carotenoids, twenty trace elements and good fibre quantity. It contains 15 times more iron than in spinach, calcium, zinc, selenium, etc.

Goji Berries contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds which gives the immune system a punch boost. In traditional Chinese medicine they are used to cure kidney and liver health challenges and use it to lower back pain, dizziness and bad eyesight. Please ensure that you contact your health care provider if you desire to use Goji berries while taking medications for diabetes or blood pressure since both can react.

4. Pomegranate
Pomegranate is one of the well-known fruits across the globe with rich nutrients. It is very rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, K, B5, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium. It has no cholesterol and contains only 130 – 150 calories.

The health benefits of Pomegranate are numerous. Findings have shown that it helps in cell regeneration, slows down aging, produces youthful skin, protects from the sun and helps dry skin.

While exploring health benefits of pomegranates, remember that it eliminates free radicals, protects cardiovascular health, fights cancer, improves bone quality, boosts digestive condition, increases appetite, cures anemia, reduces inflammation, promotes blood circulation and helps in weight loss.

It decreases potency in men and aids treatment of prostate cancer. In women, it aids pregnancy with its high load of folic acid, potassium, calcium, vitamin, iron, fibre, etc. It also inhibits breast cancer.

5. Green Vegetables
Green vegetables such as sprouts, Brussels, broccoli and leaves such as kale and spinach are not just rich source of dietary fibre which aids digestion and excretion of toxins, they are essential sources of nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, iron, calcium, carotene. Thus, they aid detoxification of the body system.

Knowing best vegetable is an awesome way to a healthy life. Whether you sneak them into smoothie or serve them in salad, they have lots of health benefits. Green vegetables help blood to clot. Vitamin K on its own can prevent certain age-related conditions and can prevent cardiovascular disease, bone fragility, arterial and kidney calcification.

6. Flaxseeds
With only few tablespoons of flaxseed, you are sure of benefiting from 100% of your daily need of omega 3 fatty acids which aids health development of cells and promotion of healthy heart. The seeds are loads of metabolising manganese and dietary fibre which aids natural detoxification of the body.

A box of flaxseed from your local store can save you from health challenges such as diabetes and breast cancer. According to director of health and nutrition with Flax Council of Canada, recent studies show that flaxseed may have a protective effect against breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

On health benefits of flaxseed, there are several studies which prove the presence of omega-3 in flaxseed. Thus, it prevents hardening of the arteries as well as deposition of plague in the arteries.

According to Fitzpatrick, daily intake of lignans in flaxseed improves blood sugar and reduces inflammation that accompanies certain illness such as asthma and Parkinson’s disease by helping to block release of certain pro-inflammatory agents.

This great seed has curative effect on Hot flashes. A study of menopausal women published in 2007 reported that two tablespoons of ground flaxseed mixed into cereal, juice or yogurt twice a day cut their hot flashes in half as the intensity drops by 57%.

The above are few of the wonder fruits and seed in our local store. You can save yourself from lots of health problems by relishing what nature offers us.

We hope this post helps you. Does our list of top six detox foods represent your healthy list of detox foods? Or do we miss out on an important detox food that works wonders for you?

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10 Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Bad breath is something that no one like, and is one of the most embarrassing moments from any children to adults. Bad breath can start with anyone due to many reasons like not cleaning mouth, smoking etc. Today we put a lot of thought into how we dress so that we can look good, but what happens to us when we may look good but our mouth stinks like a garbage can? Simple, we lose the interest and respect of the people we talk to.

Most of us can remember that famous toothpaste advertisement that said when people are really close to you they cannot see your clothes only your face and your breath they were 100 % right, and this is a list of things you can do to keep your mouth fresh clean odourless and like most ads like to say “Kiss Ready”

1. Clean your Tongue
Your tongue is one of the biggest beds for growing bacteria on your body if not regularly cleaned, and considering the fact that most of us don’t target the tongue while brushing it gives us a lot more bacteria than needed. Clean your tongue properly in morning and before bed, you might find that this was your biggest cause for that horrible smell.

2. Cloves
Cloves is also used in Ayurveda treatments also known as लौंग in Hindi and widely used in India. This is the option that makes kids around the world cringe with the idea of biting on to cloves, they are a widely available spice and are good for strengthening teeth and masking over the bad odor. If you don’t want to chew on clove you could try rinsing it through your mouth in the form of tea which also helps.

3. Baking Soda
One of the oldest and most common strategies is rinsing the mouth with the mixture of water baking soda and a couple of drops of antimicrobial peppermint oil which is available in chemists, it keeps your mouth fresh like a mouthwash without drying it out like most of the products today. Using small amount of baking soda to clean your mouth is the permanent solution from bad breath.

4. Keep your mouth wet
You have surely noticed that your mouth stinks most when you have a dry mouth, that’s because of the dried food particles in your mouth which can only be avoided by keeping your mouth damp all the time, try chewing on chewing gum or mint if there is no water around it keeps your mouth wet with saliva.

5. Chew raw Parsley
Parsley is also known as धनिया पत्ता (Dhania Patta) in India which is one of the important ingredients to make delicious food. If you think you are getting enough Parsley in your diet you were wrong, because chewing on this leafy green is one of the best ways to eliminate the odour from your mouth, it works because of the smell killing properties in chlorophyll present in the Parsley

6. Green Tea / Peppermint tea
This is one of the most subtle ways to keep your mouth smelling good and it’s pretty great at keeping good health in you too. Green tea cleans and strengthens your gums because of antioxidants like Polyphenols which are also known to kill bacteria.
  • Help to fight with gums bacteria
  • Provide strength to your gums
7. Lemons & Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is a widely accepted remedy to a lot of issues and odour of the mouth is one of them, it has an acidic nature which is good for the mouth but bad for germs, plus you can use this anywhere by using the peel of the lemon to chew, that helps too.
  • Fight with germs
  • Remove mouth bad odour
8. Floss your teeth
Did you know that 90% of us do not floss, even though it’s one of the most important rituals to be performed after meals! It removes the leftover food from our teeth and prevents odour so go out today and buy some good floss.

9. Brush daily with tee tree oils
Tea Tree oils are filled with a lot of vitamins and are a great disinfectant for the mouth, its anti-septic properties help you keep your teeth and gums clean too and if used long enough will get rid of bad mouth odour.

10. Visit the Dentist
If you tried everything and your mouth still stinks like a garbage truck you might need help in getting a proper cleaning.

Additional Tip
This one i myself used and works well. The combination of mustard oil and salt is the best way to fight with gums bacteria and this is proven Indian treatments. The mustard oil and salt mixture not only vanish bad odour but also kills Pyria germs and hence keep your gums strong.

These were the best-known ways to keep your mouth clean and odour free, do let us know if it worked for you!

Insomnia Relief Tonight Program As Natural Sleeping Remedies

Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder which is characterized by the difficulty in falling asleep and or staying asleep. That means you would have no control over sleep. If you have insomnia you will have one or more of the following symptoms.

1. You would find it difficult to fall asleep.
2. You may wake up frequently during the night and have hard times going back to sleep again.
3. You may wake up too early in the morning.
4. Finally, you would feel tired while you start to do any kind of physical work like running or walking.

If you notice any of the symptoms you need to think about the treatment before the problem turns into a more severe one. However, before taking the treatment you need to know the causes of insomnia so that you can choose the right treatment for you. After going through this article you will know what natural sleeping remedies can be the best solution of insomnia for you.

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia may result from a number of different reasons. All these causes might be divided into situational factors, psychiatric conditions, or most importantly sleep problems. Insomnia can also be categorized by the length of time of the symptoms into transient, short term, or chronic. Transient insomnia commonly persists less than seven days. Short term insomnia normally lasts for about one to three weeks. And chronic insomnia persists for more than three weeks.

A number of the causes of transient and short-term insomnia are similar and those include jet lag, too much of distasteful noise, changes in shift work, too hot or too cold room temperature, stressful situations in your life such as exam preparation, unemployment, loss of the loved one, divorce, etc., presence of an acute medical illness or hospitalization, withdrawal from alcohol, sedative, drug, or stimulant medications.
Uncontrolled physical symptoms such as fever, pain, breathing problems, cough, nasal congestion , diarrhoea, etc. can also cause insomnia.

Chronic or Long-Term Insomnia

Most of the causes of chronic or long term insomnia are commonly connected to an underlying physiologic condition.

Psychological Causes of Insomnia
The most common psychological problems that may lead to insomnia include depression, anxiety, stress such as emotional, mental, situational, etc., schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Insomnia can be considered as a sign of depression. Many people will have insomnia during the critical phases of a mental illness. As you already know, anxiety and depression are strongly related to insomnia.

Because the most common cause of insomnia is depression, you need a special type of program to control that and bring back your mental stability.

Why Would You Choose The Insomnia Relief Tonight Program?

The very first thing the program will do is to restore the natural balance of your body. By doing so, it will help the body to generate the right and adequate brain chemicals so that you can relax and go into a sound sleep.

The program will also help to reduce the stress in your life for good! It will help you restore the natural abilities of your body naturally and quickly, to produce relaxation chemicals and boost your energy level. This program will give you what you need to naturally relax and fall into sound sleep just within 20 minutes! As a result most of the users of the program think that it is far better than the sleeping pills in terms of effectiveness. Moreover, because it is a completely natural sleeping remedies program, it would not cause any harm to the natural balance of your body unlike the sleeping pills and other types of treatments.

When Would You Need The Natural Sleeping Remedies?

1. If you wake up in the morning dizzy and so tired that you have to push yourself to the limits to get out of the bed, then the Insomnia Relief Tonight Program can solve your problem.

2. This program is the perfect choice for you, if you have chronic insomnia and you are constantly searching for any possible way to cure it.

3. When your friends and colleagues frequently ask if you have stayed out too late because you have dark circles under your eyes it is the high time to take help of this program.

4. If you have tried to find a cure for your insomnia and nothing you have tried seems to work for you.

5. You need this program when people start to think that you are older than what you really are. They may think that because you look so exhausted and fatigued because of sleeplessness.

6. If you are afraid to take sleeping pills which may do you more harm than good then the Insomnia Relief Tonight Program can ensure maximum safety for your health, yet solve the problem quickly.

7. When you feel bad taking photos of yourself since you know you would look bad because of the effects of insomnia.

All of these problems can be easily solved with the Insomnia Relief Tonight Program. You will be really surprised after finding how easily you can end the sleepless nights and win the fight against insomnia.

What Will You Achieve After Completing The Insomnia Relief Tonight Program?

If you can successfully complete the program, then you will be able to wake up without deep circles under your eyes, which you may get from lack of sleep. You will have more energy to do your work and you will even have the desire to have some fun after the work! Your body will become more relaxed and you will fall asleep more quickly. Most importantly with this program you can save a lot of money by reducing your visits to the doctor and eliminating the sleeping pills which may cause more harm than good.

You need to take the help of the Insomnia Relief Tonight Program as soon as you notice symptoms of insomnia because it can lead to poor levels of focus and concentration, difficulty with memory, impaired motor coordination that will cause uncontrolled movements of your body, and irritability. The most dangerous fact is that many of the motor vehicle accidents occur because of the fatigued and sleep-deprived drivers.
As a result, to avoid troubles and to improve the quality of your life you need the Insomnia Relief Tonight Program which is the natural sleeping remedies for all the problems associated with insomnia.

Your Skin Cannot Be Replaced – Top Tips For Effective Skin Care

Healthy, vibrant skin is within your reach with the right knowledge. Proper skin care is the foundation for gorgeous skin. You will need to create a good skin care regimen and use it daily. Read this article for some tips on how to take care of your skin.

The lips are among the most sensitive sites on the body. Using Chapstick and lip balm continuously is helpful. This keeps your lips moist and sun’s damage away.

For better moisturized skin, warm the moisturizer prior to applying it. Your skin tends to absorb the warm moisturizer much better and faster. You can microwave it in order to moisturize, which should take about five seconds. Also you can place the lotion in some warm water to warm it up.

Keep your skin healthy by drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation. Limit your drinking to one glass of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverage daily. Excessive drinking leads to broken blood vessels, enlarged pores and oily skin. This means your pores will get clogged very easily, and your skin will break out and look unhealthy because of the extra oil.

If your lips are always dry and cracked, then it’s time to address the problem with a homemade lip balm. If you want a natural home remedy, try mixing honey, sour cream and cucumber and put it on your lips for about 15 minutes. You can rinse using warm water, and then apply almond oil in order to seal the moisture in.

Adequate hydration is essential to healthy skin. It’s true what they say that beauty comes from inside. Except in this sense, it means that if you stay hydrated your body and skin will look much better in general. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water each day. This will help you stay properly hydrated.

If you notice a change in your skin’s texture or color, or you have worsening symptoms, make sure you contact a doctor. Don’t delay medical care because you think “it’s just skin.”

The nutrition you give your body affects all your organs, including your skin. By ensuring you get a good amount of vitamins and minerals you can actually end up with clearer skin. This is very true if you do not have good digestion, as this is directly linked to skin. A simple method for better digestion is more fiber consumption. When increasing your fiber intake, you’ll see healthier skin.

Lemon juice has been used to bleach skin and hair for centuries. Break out the lemon juice and watch your scars, dark spots, and blemishes fade into the background. It is only a temporary solution but because it is free from harsh chemicals, you can repeat the process as often as necessary.

Hobbies can help you keep skin looking great. Hobbies reduce stress, which is a main cause of skin breakouts.

Pay close attention to your hands and feet. The hands and feet are often overlooked in skin care, as the focus is usually on the face, legs and arms. To combat dry foot skin, put moisturizer on them on a regular basis. Also, prior to going to bed, put on cotton socks to lock the moisturizer in. If you have dry hands, try a heavy cream and wear gloves for a few hours. You will begin to immediately notice a difference in your skin.

Take care of your skin by eating properly. Eating things such as chocolate do not directly cause acne, regardless of what most say. However, diet does play an important role in skin care. Eating many fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains will help. These foods have acne-fighting nutrients that will help reduce your breakouts.

To protect your hands from cracking and drying out, try wearing rubber gloves when you wash dishes or clothes. Because of frequent hand washings, it is essential that you moisturize often. Use a night cream once weekly, to give them a bit of extra care.

About 14 million people that live in the United States have rosacea. This is a skin disease known to cause red skin irritation. If you use a skin care brush on these rosacea patches it can help. This can really help those that have the disease.

Quit smoking now. Smoking robs your body of oxygen, including your skin. It restricts the blood vessels. Because of this, your entire body will suffer from a lack of nourishing minerals and vitamins. It also affects collagen and elastin, two important characteristics of good skin health. Eliminating smoking will have many health and skin benefits for you.

If wrinkles, crow’s feet or other signs of aging are bothering you, discuss anti-aging creams or serums with your dermatologist. There are lots of FDA-approved anti-aging creams you can use to reduce wrinkles and fine lines that appear on your skin. Some of these creams can not be taken by pregnant or lactating women or those who are taking certain medications.

You should reapply sunscreen at least once an hour for maximum results. Powder sunscreen is even easier to apply than liquid sunscreen. The container itself is compact, so you can carry it your pocket or purse.

Just because you’ve got an allergy to one ingredient in skin care doesn’t mean that you’ve always had it or that you’ll always have it. Have patience. If you find nothing else to be effective, try putting a tiny bit of the product you used in the past on your arm to see if you have a reaction.

Your skin will likely be healthier and more attractive when you put some of the preceding tips into practice. Clear, glowing skin shows the inner health of your body. That makes skin care very important.

Want Flawless Skin? Use This Simple Advice!

Good looking skin is an extremely important part of looking good in general. It is certainly true that healthy skin is happy skin. In order to make your skin look healthy, it is crucial that you take good care of it. Read on to learn the secret to beautiful, ageless skin.

Make sure to moisturize your skin daily. Moisturizers help you to maintain a youthful look and prevent your skin from becoming dry. It is very important to use a good moisturizer in the winter to prevent your skin from getting too dry. Moisturizers play a great role in helping you to look younger longer.

Drink several containers of water each and every day. Water helps keep your skin hydrated. This will help fix any damage that was done to your skin by the sun or any other factors. You will end up with a much better appearance and healthier skin.

Drinking plenty of water will help your skin stay healthy. Beauty starts on the inside, and that means staying hydrated is key to good skin. You should be drinking a minimum of eight glasses filled with water every day to achieve soft and supple skin.

Vitamin H plays a significant role in the health of your skin. This nutrient is what gives you a natural glow.

Vitamin H also smooths your skin, giving it a more beautiful and even appearance. Believe it or not, consuming an adequate amount of vitamins can improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Don’t just slather on any old skin care product. Check the ingredients first. With these products, less ingredients is more. If your skin is sensitive, additional ingredients may be counterproductive. You could have more problems with your skin because of this. Also, you can initiate the cycle of breakouts.

Getting 8 hours of sleep per night will help keep skin bright. Inadequate rest can cause eye wrinkles. Try sleeping at least eight hours each night for better skin and less stress.

If you find that you have sensitive skin, try to find the most gentle products for your face. Ones that don’t have irritating chemical additives will cause less irritation to your skin. A rash on your face is both irritating and disfiguring.

Avoid bar soap when you have issues with dry skin. Because soap has a drying effect, it is better to find a body wash that contains moisturizers. The foaming ingredient in bubble bath is harsh and may be an irritant to some people. Oatmeal body washes or good bath oils are much better at relieving the itchiness of dry skin. After getting out of the bath and drying off you should always apply lotion.

Focus on your feet and hands. Many people often neglect their hands and feet. To keep your feet from being dry, apply a lot of moisturizer to them and throw on some cotton socks before bedtime. To hydrate your hands, slather on moisturizer and cover your hands with cotton gloves or clean cotton socks for a couple of hours. The great thing about this is that you’ll see improvement after doing this only one time.

Always remove makeup before sleeping if you want good skin. Removing makeup stifles bacteria growth on your skin, and does away with problem causing oils. Your skin, like the rest of your body, is rejuvenating itself while you sleep, and it can do so better when you clean it beforehand.

Regardless of what type of skin you have, you will look better if you take better care of it. It doesn’t take long to treat your skin well. If you do, you will see noticeable results. Use the advice contained in this piece, and you will become a source of skin care wisdom for your friends and family.