Best 5 Natural Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

What are fever blisters?

Blisters are small bubbles that are formed between the layers of the skin containing watery or bloody fluid and can be caused by various infections, burning, diseases like fever or chemical irritations.

Fever blisters are caused in and around the mouth region usually due to high temperature or a bad cold and can be very distressing and irritating. People then tend to worry about How To Get Rid Of Fever Blisters.
Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

Cause Of Fever Blisters

Finding out the reasons behind fever blisters
The herpes virus of variety simplex 1 causes fever blisters or herpes labialis. There is a presentation of painful sores, near mouth, on lips and even in nostrils. This virus can affect any age group irrespective of gender or sexual history. The virus after having infected you once will not go away in fact, it stays dormant inside the body of the host. The fact is as soon as your immunity will go down, there are chances that another infection will flare up. To understand the cause of fever blisters, you must understand that it is a viral infection and has a potency to spread form one person to the other.

Higher risk of transmission in exchange of bodily fluids
It is a very common reason for acquiring this condition. Since it is a highly contagious condition, you have to remember that body contact with someone who has had fever blisters will render you susceptible to an infection. Mostly the biggest cause of fever blisters is transmission from a sexual partner, this happens due to exchange of bodily fluids and this is the reason proper care when you are with such a person is advised. It can also be transferred while kissing or being exposed to the blood of the infected person in any way, be it through an injury or wound. In people like these, even oral sex can precipitate an infection.

Coming in contact with the affected person
It is also possible to acquire herpes labialis by using one another’s towel and sharing the same bed. In case one of the people is a carrier, that means they are asymptomatic and will not show any symptoms of being infected. In these cases, there is extra care that needs to be taken. If you share your personal care and hygiene stuff with someone who is infected, chances are that you will have it too.

Immune levels low or state of immune suppression
It is also seen that people whose immunity is low, will have recurrent bouts of this condition. Since the viruses after an infection can stay up in the nervous system of the person, waiting for the right time to strike. The right time is when your guard is low, in form of low immunity levels. The fact is when your body has no defence mechanism, it becomes easier for the viruses to multiply and eventually precipitate an attack.

Causes for precipitation of an attack
In some cases, the virus may lie dormant in the nervous system for years and years and are activated only after a certain event. Mostly these are stress-induced events, taking extra stress or going out in the sun too often can all be a cause of fever blisters. The ultraviolet rays in the sun make it easier for the viruses to proliferate and grow unchecked thus causing fever blisters. In addition to this, many things contribute in helping the condition to recur, for example low immunity, not maintaining proper hygiene or taking certain medications like birth control that cause hormonal ups and downs may all contribute to your fever blisters recurrence.

Fever Blister Symptoms

Alarming symptoms that may suggest you have fever blisters
Fever blisters as they are commonly called are actually herpes simplex virus type 1 infection. There are many names for this infection from cold sores, to herpes labialis. A similar type of virus herpes type 2 causes the genital herpes. It is very difficult to differentiate between the symptoms of these two, although mostly fever blisters or herpes labialis affects people around their mouth and on face. There are many fever blister symptoms that could mean you may be having or are about to have an outbreak. For those who have had the condition once the virus stays dormant in them forever, causing recurrent attacks. Some of the most common symptoms to observe will be listed here.

Excessive drooling in babies
It is possible that when a newborn or toddler who is excessively drooling, may have got the condition passed on from parents. It is also possible for a person to stay completely asymptomatic or not have any symptoms when they are affected, in this case, the person is called a carrier, and there are more chances of them transferring it to someone close to them without knowing. Babies cannot complain of pain, and in them, you have to look for signs of infection with utmost care. Redness around mouth, or irritation or uncontrollable crying are major signs that something is wrong with your kid.

Having pain around mouth is another common symptom
It is mostly seen that people who are going to have an outbreak complain of having pain near their mouth and sometimes reaching up to their cheeks. It is also possible that this is associated with redness or itching around your lips. If you are experiencing these fever blister symptoms, you must get yourself checked by your physician. In most cases, all the symptoms including the disease phase last for about two weeks.

Tingling and swelling in the region
These are the earliest signs of an incoming infection around your mouth. Since the virus affects nerve roots, it is often seen that people complain of facial tingling as well as itching and swelling near the mouth. These symptoms along with a thorough history make it easy for the physician to diagnose you.

Other important symptoms that aid in diagnosis
There can be other symptoms in people, but mostly these symptoms along with a blood test for demonstrating the virus is sufficient to diagnose the person. In some cases, people are completely asymptomatic until they start developing pustules and vesicles. These are the final fever blister symptoms of the presence of herpes labialis in you. These little pustules and vesicles are mostly irregular in shape and look a lot more different from your pimples. They arise in bundles and initially are completely red and scattered all around the mouth and lips. In the later stages, they break down leaking clear pus out of them, this pus exacerbates further pustules and for this reason, it is very important to maintain oral hygiene in these times. When the consolidation state is reached, that is when the pustules have started merging, this signals that the infection has run its course and within a span of few days, it will disappear.

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

There are very many home remedies for fever blisters which can be helpful in providing you with relief in just a few days (4-5). But for effectiveness, try and use these home remedies for fever blisters as soon as you feel the tingling sensation as it will help reduce the severity of an outbreak.

These home remedies for fever blisters include:

  1. tea tree oil
This home remedy can treat fever blisters quickly as well as effectively as a result of it possessing some antiviral properties. To prepare it you can dilute tea tree oil in a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part oil. Then use a cotton ball to apply it on affected area thrice a day. In a couple of days, the fever blister should have healed completely. Alternatively an equal mix of olive oil and tea tree oil as well as a little bit of eucalyptus oil can also create an effective home remedy.

  1. hydrogen peroxide
it is a natural disinfectant and therefore it is quite useful in killig bacteria which may infect the area with fever blisters. The virus which usually causes fever blisters thrive in an environment that is moist and warm. Uing hydrogen peroxide keeps the infected areas dry.

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  1. whole milk
Whole milk usually contains calcium and immunoglobins which are helpful towards fighting the virus that causes fever blisters. It also has a type of fat known as monocaprin which has antiviral properties. Another advantage is that it is quite helpful when it comes to accelerating the healing process.

  1. ice
Ice can as well be an effective home remedy for fever blisters as it helps alleviate pain significantly as well as reduce swelling on the affected area. It also helps in containing the condition and preventing it from spreading. It works best when used at the onset of the fever blister.

  1. garlic
Garlic truly is a remedy of sorts and we can’t fail to mention it as well. If you want to get rid of the blisters as soon as possible then you should use garlic. It contains enzymes which are antiviral in nature. It is also antibacterial as well and can easily help in disinfecting the area thereby decreasing the healing time.                

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