Oregano Oil for Candida

The organic nature of oregano oil acts as an antiseptic solution to fight off yeast and germ infections without having to worry about any harmful effects. Oregano oil for candida contains ample vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and A, phenols, flavonoids and antioxidants.

People suffering from recurring candida yeast infections take this product as combative treatment. In fact, by taking this regularly it can also be a pre-emptive cure. It has been proven that daily application of oregano oil completely inhibits the growth of bacteria related to Candidiasis.

What is Candidiasis?

Candidiasis is a type of infection that affects most individuals with vulnerable immune systems against the specific bacteria. Candida albicans is a type of bacterium that thrives in the human’s intestinal system.

The overgrowth of Candida can take place when too much sugar intake and antibiotics disturb its normal levels. It can spread quickly which may trigger irritability, increased alcohol and sugar cravings, diarrhoea, heartburn and yeast infections.

Features of Oregano Oil Against Candida

Oil of oregano is 100% pure essential oil that is highly effective to combat fungi infections such as Candida. This type of yeast grows inside the digestive tracts and also outside of the body.

Oregano oil consists of Thymol and Carvacol antimicrobial agents. Carvacol is used as an effective antimicrobial ingredient in most synthetic drugs. Studies revealed that such chemicals respond in getting rid of Candida yeasts by dehydrating the fungi cells.

How is Oil of Oregano Produced?

The origins of wild oregano shrubs have been renowned for centuries as a natural substitute to antibiotics. The nature of oregano oil is stemmed from Oreganum Vulgare extracts. This variety of wild oregano can be found in the Mediterranean soils.

Wild oregano leaves are harvested and distilled to produce the essential oils found in oregano oil products in the market today. These are produced in liquid oil preparations as well as in soft gel capsules. Oregano oil for Candida should not contain any alcohol ingredients as it may cause adverse effect instead of cure. The antifungal Carvacol compound is essential to repel Candida yeast infections.

What is The Ideal Intake of Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil is an ideal long-term health food supplement. It is known to cure not only candida infections but also good for digestive tract, respiratory systems, healthier skin and stronger immune system. The antihistamine ingredient is a great protection against allergies.Oregano oil usually comes in a bottle or gel form. Bottled preparations may require at least three drops diluted in water for at least twice a day.

Capsule forms are just as effective and can be taken on the same amount of at least two capsules daily after eating meals. Other alternative preparations are worth trying for more variety such as the following:

• Mixing oil of oregano with coconut oil helps in killing off yeast as well as flushing out of pathogens and toxic wastes

• Adding oregano oil with virgin olive oil is a good detoxifying remedy. This homemade ingredient helps treat bacterial infections by drinking the mixture.

• By combining oregano oil with a candida diet, the overgrowth of candida bacterium can be eliminated entirely. Candida diet consists of whole grains, fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables wary of processed ingredients and all kinds of sugary substance.

What Causes Candida Infections to Recur?

Individuals with recurring candidiasis blame it on the side effects of antibiotics that weaken the immunity of the body to certain types of bacteria. Some powerful antibiotics kill all types of bacteria that are not even harmful to the body, thus making us prone to more infections.

Since our body needs good bacteria to maintain balance, taking antibiotics require a doctor’s advise. Resorting to self-medication with synthetic drugs most especiallywith antibiotics is not a good way to go. Weakened immune system only allows for yeast infections to multiply.

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What Makes Oregano Oil Better Than Antibiotics in Curing Candidiasis?

In contrast with most yeast medications, oregano oil fends of mutating candida bacteria and stops the production of new strains. Most common funguses mutate after getting much from antibiotic treatment including candida yeast.

The use of oregano oil for candida proves a better choice than antibiotics since candida albicans are not resilient against the potent ingredients of oregano leaf extracts.

Other Known Disadvantages and Side effects of Oregano Oil

Iron deficient individuals should take this product with necessary precaution as it may impair iron absorption. Pregnant women should not take any form of oregano oil supplement as it stimulates the flow of blood, which may weaken the lining of the uterus.

Oregano oil is also known to cause allergic symptoms to the skin with the occurrence of skin rashes. The strong flavour of wild oregano substance may affect the taste of extra sensitive individuals. It is important to look for high quality brands of oregano oil extracts to ensure full benefits. Taking organic supplements as an alternative to drug still requires doctor’s advice for safety.


New disease outbreaks occur from time to time, making bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics. Our food, air and water can get easily contaminated with harmful pathogens. For that reason, more and more individuals resort to ancient remedies that are known to combat impossible to cure infections such as oregano oil for candida.

This natural antibiotic substitute is highly acclaimed to stop bacterial and viral strains from multiplying thus more effective and stronger than other antibiotic treatments.

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