How to Get Rid of Wasp Nest

Wasp nest removal is a necessary process to rid your home of these pesky, and sometimes dangerous, pests. One or two sightings of wasps , is no big deal but you should be on the lookout for more than that. You should also be on the lookout for nests and note where the wasps are and what type they are. Generally, wasps include yellow jackets and hornets, in addition to paper wasps. Some are less aggressive, but you still want to use preventative measures so that nests do not get out of hand.

Locating Nests for Removal

You’ll be able to spot and recognize a common wasp nest. It is made from, and looks like, a paper-like substance. Paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets all create similar looking nests. The difference is usually the shape and nest location, but the building material is very similar. The insects chew up wood and this, mixed with their saliva, creates the papery substance for the nest building.

The first thing to do, if you think you have a wasp nest or multiple nests, is to track them down. It can be a good idea to wait until the cooler part of the day to conduct a search. This will be a lower activity time for the pests, and you run a lower risk of being stung. But you can also monitor suspected areas in the morning. This is a higher activity time as wasps leave to gather food. That way, you can watch for places where you see the most flight activity as wasps leave and return.

Different Types of Wasp Nests

You can usually spots paper wasp nest with greater ease. They are often found under eaves or ledges in a more open space. This is the kind you usually see if you are on your porch and look up at the ceiling. Or you might sometimes see one attached to the handrail rounding a porch, for example. These, with the right measures and special precautions, can often be removed without calling in professionals. It depends on the number of nests, size of the nests, amount of activity, location and your confidence level in removing the nest.

The risk increases with hornets. You can look for this type of nest usually near shrubbery, such as a tree or bush. Sometimes, though, they may be on the side of a building. It can be slightly more dangerous to remove a hornet nest. Not to mention, you may not be able to reach them. It gets trickier with yellow jackets. For this type of nest removal, you should consider hiring a professional. These nests are often within the walls of a building or in the ground and difficult to handle on your own.

The Actual Removal Process – DIY

If you are going to remove the wasp nest on your own , there are some things to keep in mind.
  • First, make sure you are wearing protective clothing over as much of your body as possible. There is no way to prevent stings, but you can cut down on the amount of risk this way. This includes hats, goggles and not just wearing gloves, but taping shirt and pant cuffs to prevent the wasps from getting into your clothing.
  • It is a good idea to also have an adult assistant along with you, and he or she should be covered as well.
Paper wasp nests are the only ones that are potentially a possibility for homeowners to remove themselves. With anything else, the risk becomes too great. To remove an easy to reach, hanging paper wasp nest, you should do this in the evening when the insects are inside and low energy. Your assistant can hold a flashlight from a safe distance as you work.

You can use a cloth bag and slip it over the nest and detach the nest from the top. Avoid touching sides where a stinger could reach you. Immediately, tie the bag closed and put the bag entirely in water for several days to ensure all the pests are gone and no longer pose a threat.

For all other types of nests, or if you are uncertain –call in the professionals! You can always use a directory service and find companies in your area that do this type of work. Or, ask around and also consider nationally known companies, such as Orkin, to handle your wasp nest removal.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

If you have ever spent a summer afternoon trying to avoid being stung, you will certainly want to know how to get rid of wasps. Wasps can be a terrible nuisance, not to mention a danger to you and your family.
how to get rid of wasp

Dealing with the ordeals of wasps can put a damper on summer activities, or even just relaxing around the yard, deck or pool.

These pests can be aggressive, not to mention wasps have painful stings and can sting multiple times. For the safety and comfort of your family, getting rid of wasps is the only real option. The choice you will need to make is whether to complete the task yourself or hire professionals to get the pest control job done.

There are three main options available for how to get rid of wasps around your home and property.
  1. Sprays: There are several kinds to choose from, as well as different reputable brands. With everyone becoming more concerned about the environment, it is good to know there are also versions available that do not use aerosols. Also, you can find safer wasp sprays that do not use chemicals or poisons.
  1. Wasp traps: Wasp traps come in many different varieties, as well. Some big name brands in pest control make reliable ones. Instead of wasp traps, you can also use wasp catchers. There are even ways you can make your own wasp trap with supplies around the house, such as empty two liter soda bottles. These can be used for ground nests and as hanging traps.
  1. Pest Control: Hiring a pest control service to rid your home of wasps is a good option any time you feel unsure of your ability to remove the nest yourself. This is especially true of nests that are not easy to reach or ground nests. In fact, it is usually inadvisable to attempt to get rid of wasp ground nests on your own, with no experience.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

There are plenty of reputable products and services available to rid your home of wasps. These are just meant to offer an idea of an example of each. Ask your local garden or hardware store professional what he or she suggests, depending on your unique situation.

Raid Wasp and Hornet Spray – This brand and spray has been around, and working, on the market and in homes for a long time. There is a reason for this, and that is that the results make customers happy. This product destroys the nest and finishes off the pests. You use Raid Wasp and Hornet Spray by spraying the nest until it is fully doused. Doing this in the evening and waiting a full 24 hour period is recommended, to ensure the users’ safety. Consumers who prefer non-aerosol or products that do not use chemicals would do well to consider a different product, though.

Contech WASP152C Tall Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap – This particular type of trap uses a bait- and-trap system that often beats out other brands’ systems. The Contech wasp trap is pesticide-free as well as non-toxic, which many consumers prefer when it comes to pest control in and around their home. It is environmentally friendly and simple to use. All you are required to do is add two drops of dish soap and water. User reviews for this product are quite favorable.

Orkin Pest Control - Orkin has been a trusted name in pest control, serving the homes of customers and making reliable products for consumers to use for their “DIY” needs. Whenever in doubt, you should rely upon a professional to handle your pest control needs. With Orkin, you will have a professional assess the situation, devise and carry out a plan of action and then monitor the area to watch for future problems.

Gain Back Control of Your Home

By getting rid of wasps around your home and property, you regain control of your home, yard and even your summer. Homes with children or elderly residents should be especially careful when it comes to living with or dealing with wasps. Also, keep in mind, those with allergies can be at high risk of serious complications when it comes to dealing with wasp stings.

With ground nests or any wasp nests you do not feel safe removing, you should turn to a professional pest removal service. You can learn how to get rid of wasps yourself or call in a company to take care of it for you.

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