How To Prevent Heartburn Forever In 10 Ways

The term “heartburn” in reality is not associated with any heart trouble. A number of warning signs, nevertheless, are comparable to heart diseases. Heartburn is an inflammation of the throat particularly the esophagus that is triggered by what we call “stomach acid”.

With the assistance of gravity, the part of our body called esophageal sphincter (lower area) makes stomach acid’s stay in the stomach possible. Lower Esophageal Sphincter also called LES is positioned in the area where the esophagus and the stomach meet – under the ribs and somewhat left of the middle part. In general LES releases to let food get in the stomach or to allow the act of belching. After that, it shuts once again. However, if the LES unlocks too frequently or does not shut tight enough, that’s the time reflux of stomach acid can occur. It leaks into the throat and gives a burning feeling.

Occasional heartburn is not risky at all, but constant heartburn can point out severe troubles and may lead to the development of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Heartburn happens day by day to 10% of American people and 50% of child expectant American women. To sum up, heartburn is an irregular trouble for 30% of the entire American population.

What Causes Heartburn

Heartburn is mainly caused by an insufficiently active LES or lower esophageal sphincter, which does not stiffen as it is supposed to. Two extremes frequently add to this difficulty: intake of so much food (overeating) or excessive force on the abdomen (often from being obese or pregnant). Specific foods usually make the LES loosen up. These foods include tomatoes and citrus fruits. The list also includes garlic and onions. So is chocolate and sweets. Caffeinated products and alcohol may also relax LES. Precise medicines, fats, and oils from veggies and meat usually cause heartburn. Not only that, when a person is feeling stressed, the tendency of the body to produce acid is high and acid production brings about the inflammation.

How To Prevent Heartburn

Now that you know what the particular causes of heartburn are, you by some means have an idea how to evade the inflammation to take place. As you noticed, it is the incorrect selection of food that can cause heartburn. To cut a long story short, by sticking to proper health principles and avoiding the wrong food will lead to a healthy belly.  Here’s a step by step guide that will help you to permanently prevent heartburn from coming.

Step 1

Evaluate the food you eat, when you eat them, and how you eat them. Know not only the kinds of food you take but how you eat them as well. As stated above, several foods trigger acid reflux. These include coffee and others that have caffeine, chocolates, fried and greasy foods and alcohol. Thus, lessening the intake of these foods or totally avoiding them will unquestionably help. Remember that the way you eat them has an influence too. Try your best to eat small meals for six times instead of the regular three huge meals you are used to. By doing so, your stomach will easily feel full so it will aid to stop unnecessary stomach acid production.

Step 2

In times you feel a heartburn attack, get to your feet. It is an effective strategy that makes the acid move down and it causes the food to travel smoothly.  This act is the first aid for heartburn. Being well-informed about the issue will not only benefit you but the people you around you as well.

Step 3

Water is miraculously powerful in helping any disease to be reduced or totally cured. Drink plenty of water. When heartburn starts to bother you, water is effective to counter it. It is noted that water is more effective when combined with baking soda. When they are mixed, the acid is being neutralized thus making the inflammation go away. One to two tablespoon baking soda is a sufficient amount for a regular glass of water.

Step 4

Be willing to change bad eating habits such as late-night snacks. When you eat food before you sleep, the tendency is you intensify your stomach acid levels.  Another habit that causes the inflammation is the act of eating quickly. To stop this, try to slow down when eating. Enjoy every bite and feel the pleasure of consumption little by little. Not only that you will be grateful for the food you eat but it can also lead to better digestion. In addition, do not sleep right after eating. It makes the content of the stomach to compress against LES and this can even lead to serious problems.

Step 5

You may think that this is illogical but drinking vinegar acid (which is an acid too) will counter stomach acid. This will work in cases when stomach acid strikes. Drinking a teaspoon of vinegar will help you feel relieved and will give you a better sleep too.

Step 6

Elevate your upper body when sleeping. You may do this by having additional pillows to lift your head up. By sleeping in an inclined position, you get enough oxygen to pass through the body that can give you so much comfort while sleeping.

Step 7

Keep away from drinking milk. Though some people may recommend it to calm your stomach, be educated that milk only adds pain. In fact, it has excessive fats and proteins that produce more acid in your tummy.

Step 8

Exercise a lot.  When a single body part malfunctions, all the rest is affected. That’s why it is necessary to take good care of every part. To keep your entire body healthy, it is best to exercise. Doing cardio exercises will significantly facilitate blood circulation which is essential in other internal activities of the body.

Step 9

Be consistent. Discipline is the key to have a healthy life. When you avoid a certain food that can cause heartburn, faithfully do so. Avoid it not just for days or weeks but be steady in avoiding it for long period. Occasionally, you may intake caffeinated drinks or chocolates of course.

Step 10

Be as health conscious as you can. Heartburn can be evaded lastingly if you give high value to your health and well-being. It is not just about keeping away from quite a few harmful foods. But, you have to be acquainted with what health routine is excellent for you too. Smoking and drinking can both lead to acid reflux. Therefore, it is your option to be alert to what ways of life are to be practiced or not.

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