Stop Suppressing The Symptoms Of Constant Heartburn

Symptoms Of Constant Heartburn

It isn’t what the makers of antacids want to hear, but suppressing the symptoms of constant heartburn, instead of finding the cause, can be damaging to your overall health. For years, those who suffered from acid reflux and heartburn have grabbed for over-the-counter acid reflux and heartburn remedies to alleviate their discomfort. But modern research is showing that having too much stomach acid is rarely the cause of these painful symptoms. In fact, in many cases, too little stomach acid is the culprit. Many people who have suffered from constant heartburn have actually shown improvement by ingesting more acid such as HCl and apple cider vinegar, to help aid in the digestive process.

The human body needs stomach acid to break down and digest food properly. Without proper digestion, nutrition cannot be absorbed properly and a host of immune system deficiencies can begin to set in due to lacking vital and essential nutrients. Some cutting-edge medical doctors believe there is a correlation between the surge in autoimmune diseases and poor digestive function. When the immune system is weak, a host of ailments can plague an individual. People’s bodies have been crying out for help for decades but are being quieted down via antacids instead of hearing the important message their bodies are trying to tell them – something is out of balance in the intestines and needs to be fixed, not suppressed.

In most other body functions, as people age, there are reductions that cause problems, not increases. For a society where most people have antacids in their medicine cabinets, it is highly unlikely to assume all of these individuals have a rare physical condition that causes an increase in acid production. Fortunately, modern medicine is beginning to discover the many potential causes of constant heartburn, which may include some of the following:
Food Allergies Or Intolerance That Can Cause Constant Heartburn

Any food ingredient label or even restaurant menu viewed today serves to show that the number of people being diagnosed with food allergies or intolerance is growing. One interesting theory in this rise in people unable to tolerate certain foods is similar to the concept of genetics. It has only been a short span of time where humans have had access to foods from around the world. Prior to transportation, people consumed foods native to their lands. Going to a local grocery store to get cow’s milk, oranges or wheat bread would have seemed like something from a science fiction film.

These days, people are trying to eat a well-balanced diet, though you can hear people state they can’t eat tomatoes because they are too acidic or get indigestion from cow’s milk. They hear what their bodies are telling them, even if these foods are supposed to be healthy for them. More research is necessary, but the amazing rise in food sensitivities cannot be ignored. Many people, once they avoid problematic foods, no longer are plagued with continual heartburn symptoms.

H. Pylori As A Cause Of Constant Heartburn

Many doctors now recognize that bacteria can be causing intestinal problems. Pharmaceuticals are needed to fight this bacteria which can cause constant heartburn discomfort. To suppress these symptoms with antacids will not offer a cure, which is necessary for relief.

Physical Causes Of Constant Heartburn Such As Hernia

Dismissing chronic heartburn as an inevitable part of life is the path taken too often by patients. Once again, there is always a cause for symptoms, and a hernia can be the reason for acid reflux and heartburn. Without proper treatment by a physician, a patient is missing the opportunity to enjoy a life free of pain and discomfort.

Having heartburn and acid reflux isn’t a condition to be taken lightly. Over time, it can cause permanent damage to the esophagus and/or increase the risk of cancer from prolonged deterioration and exposure to acidity. The availability of over-the-counter medications can make this condition seem less severe than it truly is. Research is showing that there are many potential causes for acidity discomfort, with “too much acid” being an unlikely culprit. For optimal health and relief of symptoms, an individual needs to cease suppressing symptoms and find the true cause of his or her constant heartburn, with the help of a medical professional.

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