Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reviews

Deriving from Eastern Africa, Jamaican black castor oils have been around for centuries as natural treatment for skin and hair disorders. A pressed castor bean has been known to produce the nutrient-rich dark emollient that promotes hair growth and damage-repair.

There are many Jamaican black castor oil reviews that proved its moisturizing benefits to all hair types. Customers have used this product prior to hair straightening procedure, scalp treatment and even as cure for skin infections.

This is due to the antifungal and antibacterial ingredients found on this one of a kind beauty recipe.


Black castor oils are a good remedy for dandruff, acne, split-ends, and repair of brittle-damaged hair. The black extract from the roasted castor beans make up the raw and organic ingredients of a Jamaican black castor oil that are potent with regenerating Vitamin E properties which is good for tightening, conditioning and softening the skin.

It also intensifies hair growth, thus making it stronger, fuller and more nourished.


Most naturally extracted remedies do not come with exceptionally great aroma. This is due to the boiling and roasting process that the castor bean went through in order to come up with the ash-coloured oil treatment. The colour and odour does not signify impurity, rather a more effective hair care treatment.

Some applications tend to fail if the oil is applied overnight as the pillow somewhat absorbs everything in as well as the stain residues it leaves. For that reason, it is suggested to use shower caps or satin pillows instead of cotton for optimum results.

1. Tropic Isle Living 8oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil and 8oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner

This Jamaican black castor oil is known for its many uses. A typical remedy for burns, cuts, hair and scalp problems, it also offers first aid treatment for aches and pains as a good massage oil. Conversely, most Jamaican castor oil reviews revealed its potent benefits for the crowning glory.

This product gets rave for those with coarse, kinky and unmanageable hair as well as those with thinning hairlines.

The conditioner comes in a jar that is particularly formulated as a protein emollient to thicken the hair strands. Protein is a cell builder that works effectively with Jamaican black castor oil to promote stronger and thicker hair. The oil easily penetrates the scalp to stimulate growth and healthier hair follicles.                                                                         
Tropic Isle Living 8oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil

2. Sunny Isle 4oz Jamaican Black and Extra Dark Castor Oil

An organically roasted Jamaican black castor oil that comes in extra dark and regular, this product is a set of roll-on body oil and applicator. Contrary to other brands in the market, Sunny Isle is known for producing the darkest Jamaican black castor treatment oil.

The efficacy of the product is believed to have increased due to the higher ash content derived from the 100% dark brown organic seeds that are grounded, roasted and boiled to come up with the finest quality Jamaican castor oil for hair and skin treatment.                                                                       
Sunny Isle 4oz Jamaican Black and Extra Dark Castor Oil

3. Shea Moisture 16.3oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Shampoo

A great smelling shampoo from Shea Moisture, this strengthening treatment is free of sulfate ingredients.The use of Apple Cider Vinegar is known for eliminating build-up and product residues as well as maintaining the right pH levels of the scalp.

Furthermore, the clarifying benefits of this shampoo infuse hair with moisture coming from the Jamaican castor oil extracts, leaving it shiny and smooth. This hair cleanser is mild for daily use; it is an ideal shampoo treatment to restore chemically damaged hair that is prone to breakage.                                                                   
Shea Moisture 16.3oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen

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